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Welcome To MX Ranch

In 2006 I went on the show circuit to work for the Chibri’s, and I ended up buying a share of Special Design Of P.A.R. 20S.  With the addition of three heifer calves and a third share in Showstopper I had a strong base for my purebred herd.

Working closely with the Chibri’s, I have built a small but powerful herd of purebred Speckle Park cows.  I have also been selecting various top cows from my commercial herd and breeding them to Speckle Park bulls resulting in some very desirable prospect steers.

Visitors are always welcome, I’d be more than happy to show you the cattle.

Speckle Park cattle at MX Ranch

Max & Lindsay Graham
Box 181
Neilburg, Saskatchewan, Canada
S0M 2C0
Telephone: (306) 823-4494
Cell: (306) 823-7209


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